R4S Info

This is a genuine R4 Product. (Beware Chinese Clones)

Compatible With ALL Current Switch Firmware & Regions.

Simply remove Right Joycon, Slide in the RCM Tool/Jig, Insert the Battery Backed Up USB-C Dongle and Power ON - Voila.

Once entered into RCM mode, Simply reconnect Right Joycon and use Your Switch as normal.

Easy to use and setup, No License Fee or Restrictions on use.

Updatable and Powered by Re-chargable 120mah LIPO Battery

Supports Multiple Payloads (Hekate, Atmosphere, ReiNX etc) and .bin file options.

1 Year RTB Manufacturers Warrantee

Easiest Way Install Emulators (GBA, Playstation 1, Nes Snes, Arcade etc) and play NSwitch Backups

Watch a great R4S video review HERE

Informative & Useful Switch Videos HERE

(Nintendo Switch Manufactured After July 2018 May Not Be Compatible. Send me your Serial Number and i will advise)