Raspberry Pi 4. 4GB

Finally Available

the Raspberry Pi everybody wants.

$99 AUS Delivered

Flirc Case

Flirc - Ultimate Class and Ultimate Silent Cooling For your Raspberry Pi. $37.00 Delivered

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(Yes i Now have Pi4 Flirc Cases too..)

Flirc USB V2.

Replace that keyboard and simply use any remote control to send commands.

$45 Delivered

R4S For Nintendo Switch.

From R4 the leaders of the last generation, comes a solution for this one. Homebrew, Emulation, Android, Backups, Movies. Sure, Other Solutions are out there but IMHO this one is the best.

We are the ONLY official R4S Australian Distributor.


(Currently NO Stock - Alternative RCM Loader Available )

RCM Loader For Nintendo Switch

Does exactly the same job as R4S

Stock Has Arrived $29.95 Incl AUS Std Postage

Nvidia Shield + Remote (Current Version/Oreo Android).

Now $249 Delivered

(Ask About FULLY Loaded/Customised Options).

Odroid XU4 + OGST KIT (N64 Style XU4 Case With 2" LCD)+6v/6a Power Supply.

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Arcade USB Joystick $39

(Android/Pi Compatible)

Play those Arcade, Fighting & Retro games Like They Should Be Played.

Official Raspberry Pi

5.1V 2.5A Power Supply.

$21.00 Delivered

(This Will Work on Pi4 with Free Adaptor)

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Raspberry Pi 3 B+

$59 AU Delivered.


All Pricing on this page includes AUS Delivery Unless Stated