Flirc Case

Flirc - Ultimate Class and Ultimate Silent Cooling For Raspberry Pi. $37

Flirc USB V2. $45

Replace that keyboard and simply use any remote control.

R4S For Nintendo Switch.

From R4 the leaders of the last generation, comes a solution for this one. Homebrew, Emulation, Backups. Other Solutions are out there but IMHO this one is the best.

Official R4S Australian Distributor.


New Stock Has Arrived.

Nvidia Shield + Remote (Latest Version/Oreo Android).

Now $288 Delivered

(Last Few Remaining).

Arcade USB Joystick $39

(Pi Compatible)

Play those Arcade, Fighting & Retro games Like They Should Be Played.

OGST N64 Style ODROID XU4 Case. (With 2" LCD)

Stock Arriving Soon

Raspberry Pi B+ $59

Official Raspberry Pi

5.1V 2.5A Power Supply. $19

All Pricing on this page includes AUS Delivery